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ParaFlight LLC { Macpara Technologies USA Importer}


PPG Training: Servicing- Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia, Washington D.C., & New Bern, NC


Training field is in Shrewsbury, PA

Identifier: 0P2


Flying Circus, Bealeton, VA


New Bern, NC

Identifer: KEWN



Brian Goff

Phone: [703-963-7389]

Email: []

Zelle: Brian K Goff / 703-963-7389 /


Venmo: @Brian-Goff-63

(Call for Invoice)


                       My Story

Brian Goff founded ParaFlight, LLC, in 2009, to offer people the experience of powered paragliding/paramotoring. After many years of other flying experience and training, became solidly sold on the advantages of powered paragliding.

He has been involved in all aspects of aviation since he was a kid. He discovered Powered Paragliding 15 years ago and has fallen in love with the sport. Brian has over 4000 hours of paramotoring experience to share with anyone considering the sport. He feels that nothing gives you the sensation of flying quite like powered paragliding.

Brian has taken his aviation background and applied it to Powered Paragliding, offering people training, maintenance, and equipment sales. It's important to him that when people come into this sport that they do things right, and don't jump in over their head.

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