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USA Inventory


Charger 2 (21M) 

Charger 2 (23M)   1-Lime

Charger 2 (25M)  

Charger 2 (28M)   1-Blue, 1-Red

Charger 2 (31M)  

Charger 2 (34M) 

                      SLIGHTLY USED IN STOCK

(2022) Colorado-1 (27M) Blue (25 Hours on it)  Call Brian

(2022) Pasha 5 Trike Yellow 42M (20-Flights) Call Brian (Tandem)

(2022) EN-D Magus 22M-BLUE 1/2-Price (Comp-Wing) (Free Flight) Call Brian (Flown 1x)

Reserves Available

Out of Stock  (2-3 week turnaround)


Tee Shirts $35

                  In Stock at Factory (Czech Republic)

                    (Turnaround is 4-6 weeks from payment)

(Custom Color Design 10-15 Weeks)

(Logo's-must be approved in advance for turnaround and price) Call Brian 703-963-7389

Beginner/Intermediate Paramotor

*Charger 2 (21M-3-Blue, 0-Red, 0-Lime),(23M-5-Blue, 3-Red, 3-Lime)(25M- 5-Blue, 4-Red, 2-Lime)(28M-5-Blue, 5-Red, 4-Lime,)(31M-3-Blue, 1-Red, 1-Lime, (34M- 1-Blue, 0-Red, 0-Lime)

Advanced  Paramotor
*Colorado-1 (27M- 1-Lime, 1-Blue)

*Colorado-2  (24M-1 Orange), (26M-1 Blue, 1-Lime_, (29M-1-Orange)

TANDEM WING (Free Flight or Paramotor) Must specify which version

*PASHA 7- (39M-2-Orange, 2-Blue), (42M-5-Orange, 5-Lime, 5-Blue)

HYBRID-(Motor & Free-Flight) EN-A

*Muse 5 (22M-3-Blue) (25M-0-Red, 1-Blue, 0-Lime) (27M-0-Red, 1-Lime, 1-Blue)(29M-0-Red, 0-Blue, 2-Lime)(31M- 0-Red, 2-Blue, 0-Lime) (34M-1-Red, 1-Blue,1-Lime)

HYBRID-(Motor & Free Flight) EN-B

*ILLUSION 2 (22M-0-Orange, 2-Lime, 1-Blue), (24M-3-Orange, 2-Lime, 1-Blue), (26M-5-Orange, 1-Lime, 5-Blue), (28M-5-Orange, 3-Lime, 4-Blue), (30M-2-Orange, 0-Lime, 1-Blue), ( 33M-2-Orange, 2-Lime, 2-Blue)

HYBRID-(Motor & Free-Flight) EN-B
*Eden 7 (22M-Out of Stock) (24M 2-Blue) (26M 3-Blue,3-Lime) (28M 2-Blue, 2-Lime),  (33M- 1-Blue, 1-Lime)

*Aravis (17M-2-Lime, 2-White), (19M-2-Lime, 0-White), (21M- 2-Lime, 3-White), (23M-3-Lime, 3-White), (25M- 3-Lime, 3-White), (28M- (2-Lime, 2-White)

*Elan 3 EN-C  (22M-Out of Stock) (24M-3-Blue, 3-Red, 0-Lime) (26M-3-Blue-3-Red- 3-Lime) (28M-3-Blue, 3-Red- 2-Lime)  (30M-1-Blue-1-Red,1-Lime) (33M-1-Blue)


*Magus (22M-2-White), (24M-2-White), (26M-3-White, 3-Blue)


*Progress 2 EN-A (33M-2-Lime,2-Blue-0-Red)

                            IN STOCK USA
Aegis Reserve Container 33-45 Front/Side Mount- Qty. 4 $65 each

Aegis Reserve Container 63 Front/Side Mount Qty. 4 $65 each

Reserve Cockpit Front- Qty. 1 $155


Y-Bridle Polyester 1.25M Trike/Quad- Qty. 1 $40 each

Y-Bridle Dynema 1.25M- Qty. 4 $40 each

I-Bridle Dynema .5M- Qty. 3 $20 each

I-Bridle Dynema 1.25M Qty. 2 $40 each

Wing Tip Steering Toggle-Qty. 3 $30 each (Sold individually)

Brake Handle with Swivel & Snaps Qty. 4 $60 each
Brake Handle with Swivel & Magnets Qty. 2 $60 each (Sold as Set)

Triangle Mallions Qty. 8 $12 each
Reserve Carabiner Rescue kN CO2 Qty.8 $25 each

Speed Bar Qty. 8 $45 each


Wing Velcro Strap Qty. 3 $15 each

Mac Pack (Large Wing Stuff Sac) Qty. 4  $155 each

Macpara Tee Shirt Premium Cotton $35

Certina Bag (Out of Stock) (2-3 week turnaround)

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